Could you be a seed of hope?

The Archdiocese of Birmingham is inviting enthusiastic individuals to create a network of Environment Champions. To celebrate Laudato Si week (19-26 May). We need as many CHAMPIONS as we can get - and I know that there's many of you out there in our parish!
Your mission is to be a channel of communication between the Archdiocese and the Abbey Parish, to promote Care of Creation and to enthuse others to help in responding to Pope Francis' call in Laudato Si to a spirituality which supports an ecological conversion.

You will receive the full support of the Care for Creation Committee as part of the diocesan effort to act as stewards of creation - click on the image below for more details.

Placing of the Time Capsule into part of the new roof.

The time capsule contains the names of all who have bought slates. Names of priests of the abbey past and present. A history of the abbey since 1843 and information of our abbey today. For posterity. Thanks to the continuing work by many to raise funds. Especially to Nicholas Bartleet, Ron Heeley, Ronnie Sweeney and Caroline McGonagle for the various ways they have helped this particular project to be realised. 

Abbey Restoration Project Update 23 February 2024

I am very pleased to say that the next phase of urgent work is due to start on the 4 March which will be to the roof, valley and rainwater guttering over St. Josephs chapel.

This has been made possible by the considerable efforts of many parishioners in raising further funds for the restoration works. As you may appreciate, we have not raised all of the monies needed to complete all of the works in the adjoining area but with your efforts and with grant applications we do hope that the external restoration can continue.

So far just over £220,000 has been raised. Due to time moving on since repairs were first identified and increased costs we are doing our best with the available funds. The 'Sponsor A Slate' appeal has been successful but there are still some 200 slates for which sponsors are needed and we would ask you to consider this if you have not already done so.

As part of the next phase of roofing works, we are going to put a time capsule in the roof area, listing the names of those who have helped with this appeal as well as details of the present day so that when this is found in many years' time those future generations will hopefully appreciate the forward thinking of the parishioners of today.

If you look at the roof area over the pathway as you walk up to the church entrance door you will see, we have had further storm damage to the roof and this will be the next area needing attention when funds allow. Thanks to all for your continuing efforts Fr Kieran J. Brady CSsR PP

Abbey News

SVP Art Workshop

We deliver wonderful art workshops to the SVP community group at The Erdington Abbey.
It's always lovely to see numbers grow each week & everyone enjoy themselves.
We develop a range of art skills using all sorts of media. Take a look at some of our watercolour skills & here are just a few of their finished pieces.

If you would like to come along then please contact Nikki via the website below. 

Abbey Choir

After an absence of sung music for eighteen months, the choir is at last resuming weekly rehearsals and singing at the 10.30 Mass. Rehearsals are on Every Wednesday at 8.00pm. If you have a good knowledge of music and are interested in joining the choir please contact Joe on 07721 753992 or contact the parish office with your details.  

Abbey Cemetery

As stipulated within the grave cremation deeds, Please do not place plants, pots or stones on the grassed area of the graves and cremation plots. No dogs are allowed in the cemetery. Thank you.

Car Park Gates

The barrier to the car park will be closed at the following times: Mon/Wed/Thurs 8.00pm, Tues/Fri 5.00pm & Sat/Sun 7.00pm. Any cars left in the carpark will be locked in! 

Rev'd Fr Gabriel Ignatius Maguire CSsR 

Fr Dickinson's 70 years of profession as a Redemptorist 

We had a wonderful celebration of mass on Saturday 4th September 2022 to celebrate and give thanks for Fr Dickinson's 70 years of profession as a Redemptorist. Click here to view some images of the mass.